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Lunch Program 2017-2018

The lunch options are:

Monday: Mucho Burrito

Tuesday: Hot dogs or Veggie dogs

Wednesday: Pasta from Pizza Palace

Thursday: Pizza from Pizza Palace

Friday: Twisted Indian Wraps

Every day: Milk


Order deadlines, options and prices for all lunches and milk can be found on the SchoolCash on-line system approximately 2 weeks prior to the start of each session.


The year is divided into 3 sessions:

Oct 2 to Dec 22 (12 weeks/57 days - excluding Oct 9, Oct 20 & Nov 17)

Jan 8 to Mar 29 (11 weeks/52 days - excluding Jan 26, Feb 19, & March Break)

Apr 3 to Jun 22 (12 weeks/55 days - excluding Apr 27, May 18 & 21 & June 1)

There are no lunches or milk the last week of school.


Please note:

· Orders are placed for the full 11 or 12 week period for all lunches and milk.

· Lunches are served at the 1st nutritional break (10:50 am).

· Hot dogs, in addition to being ordered for the full session, will also be available for cash sales on Tuesdays for $1.50.

We have a standing order with our vendors so there are no refunds for missed days for any reason and missed lunches are not saved. Please note that no lunches are delivered by vendors on SNOW DAYS. There will be no adjustments for SNOW DAYS. If you would like a refund for any lunches missed as a result of SNOW DAYS, please contact the office within 2 weeks of the SNOW DAY.

Please note that the lunch and milk programs are run exclusively by parent volunteers.

Do not contact the school with questions or comments.

Email the Lunch Program Coordinator, Marian Phillips-MacGregor at