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French as a Second Language

​French Immersion Information Night: Tuesday, January 9, 2018 @ 7:00 pm

French Immersion begins in grade 1, Core French begins in grade four and Extended French is being phased out.

SCDSB Inf​ormation about French

PowerPoint from Information Night Jan. 13, 2014

FAQs about French

What French programs are currently available within the SCDSB?
All students are offered Core French commencing in Grade 4 at his/her home school.  Core French is a mandatory program.
Early Immersion is available to students eligible for Grade 1 through an application process.  This is an optional program for students.
Extended French as a Second Language (EFSL) is available to students eligible for Grade 5 through an application process.  This is an optional program for students. This program will be phased on as EFI student reach grade 5.

Where are Early Immersion and EFSL programs currently offered?
Ten (10) schools throughout the board have been designated as EFSL and Early Immersion sites.

How do I enroll my child in  (A) EFSL or(B) Early Immersion?
(A)The EFSL program commencing in Grade 5 is "open access". All online applications will be processed and any student eligible for Grade 5 will be admitted into the EFSL program.  The link to the application form will be open at 9 am on Jan 20 and Jan 21 for grade 1 French Immersion and Jan 22 and Jan 23 for EFSL. Follow for the link. (Select Programs and French for EFSL/EFI. Please review PDF presentation above for all information.

How can I learn about the SCDSB's French programs?

How do I know if I should consider Early Immersion or EFSL for my child?
While the aims of the two programs are similar, the amount of instructional time in French is different in each program as well as the grade entry point.

How will I know if my child will be successful in second language learning?
As with all programs, a positive learning experience in FSL is more likely when a student is motivated.   With respect to EFSL, a positive experience in the EFSL program is more likely when a student has experienced success in the Grade 4 Core French program.

Is there a cost to parents for student participation in Early Immersion or EFSL?

Does a parent need to speak French for his/her child to be successful?
No.  As with all programs it is important that a positive relationship between home and school be maintained.  Continue to read to and with your child in English.  Strong reading skills are important.

My child has special learning needs.  Should I consider Early Immersion or EFSL?

Are English language skills affected by Early Immersion or Extended French as a Second Language?
Studies have shown that second language learning increases critical thinking skills and creativity in students.  Second language learning enhances a child's first language.

What supports are available for my child?
Students who experience difficulty have the support of the classroom teacher and, where appropriate, the special education resource teacher.  While resource support is delivered in English, recommended learning strategies are implemented by the classroom teacher in French.

Will my child follow the same curriculum that he/she would follow in English?
Yes.  All program and course materials are based on the Ontario Curriculum policy documents.

What is the long range plan for EFSL in the SCDSB?
The 2016-2017 school year will be the last year for a student to apply for Grade 5 EFSL.  When the Grade 1 Early Immersion cohort reaches Grade 5 in September 2017, EFSL will be phased out on a year by year basis.  EFSL will not be available within the SCDSB commencing in September 2017.

What happens at the secondary level?
Thirty (30) secondary school credits are required for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.  Currently, one secondary credit in French is required for an OSSD.  If your child continues in the Extended French program at the secondary level, a total of 7 French credits are required for your student to receive an Extended French Certificate.  If your child continues in the Immersion program at the secondary level, a total of 10 French credits are required for your child to receive a French Immersion Certificate.

What are the entry points for the SCDSB FSL programs? 
There are three established entry points for our French programs:
Early Immersion – Grade 1
Core French – Grade 4
Extended French as a Second Language – Grade 5

What if I come from another board, or what if my child is bilingual?  Can I put my child in a Grade appropriate optional French program?
Special or extenuating circumstances exist.  Following a second-language assessment, there will be a determination made as to whether a child can enter one of the optional programs at a different entry point.  Only students who have an equivalent background in French may join the program if space is available.

Can my child(ren) who is/are not in Early Immersion or EFSL attend the same school as my child(ren) attending one of the designated FSL sites?
The SCDSB School Attendance Areas Policy 2317 applies to all students within the board.

Is there an association I can join?
Canadian Parents for French is a national association of parents who work in advocacy for French as a second language education with Ministers and administrators at the national and provincial levels and with school boards.  Membership fees help support summer camps, special programs, contests and activities for FSL students across Canada.  For more information, call (613) 235-1481 or visit  

Is transportation provided for students in Early Immersion and Extended French as a Second Language?

  • Transportation is available for students to attend their designated Early French Immersion and Extended French as a Second Language School
  • Centralized community bus stops will be established for student pick-up and drop-off
  • The locations of the centralized community bus stops will be communicated to parents once they are determined
  • It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to transport his/her child to and from the community bus stop for both pick-up and drop-off
  • Maximum bus travel times currently established under board policy will not apply to bus routes transporting children to Early FI and EFSL programs.  It is possible that your child's bus ride may exceed 60 minutes one way
  • Maximum walking distances to bus stops currently established under board policy will not apply to program buses transporting children to Early FI and EFSL programs.  It is possible that your child's walking distance to his/her community bus stop may exceed 0.8 km

What type of French will be taught in the classroom?
Standard French vocabulary and structures are taught.  A variety of accents exist in all languages; during a school career, a child will be exposed to teachers from various parts of the world.

Will communication for the school, (e.g. report cards) be in English or in French?
All communication from the school will be in English.

How do I access the online application form?
The link to the online application form will be available at  in January of each year.

Can I use one application form for my children?
No.  A separate application form is required for each child.

When will parents be notified of the status of their application?
Parents will be notified of their child's acceptance into the program by the Principal of their home school as soon as possible following the closing of the application process.

How can I have my questions answered?
Please contact your child's Principal or e-mail your questions to or call 705-734-6363 ext. 11213