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​​​At Forest Hill, we welcome and truly appreciate the help of all of our volunteers. What type of volunteer opportunities are there?

  • Come in and help us in the classroom with literacy
  • Help out in the library
  • Help us with our hot lunch programs, without volunteers the lunch program would not happen
  • Help us with our performances
  • Help us with extra curricular activities (athletics, art, music, math to name a few)
  • Help us with our Kiss n Ride program which wouldn't run without our volunteers
  • Help with events and fundraising​

Important Information for Volunteers at Forest Hill

Volunteers requre a current criminal record check.

Also, volunteers need to sign an annual defence declaration by Oct. 31st of each year.

Annual Offence Declaration for Volunteers  

​Forest Hill is serviced by OPP, which means you need to provide the following information before volunteers can start the process:

a) A request for Vunerable Sector Screening

b)  Volunteer/Applicant Screening Process - Consent to Disclosure of Personal Information

c) Criminal Record Check Definitions Information

Anyone wishing to volunteer to attend student trips or drive students to and/or from games and functions also need criminal record checks.

We provide volunteer letters to ensure your criminal record check is free.
Volunteers are most welcome and currently we are recruiting!
We also provide small group training to support literacy.

Volunteer Information

How can you help?

Support our Eat Well to Excel Program, help reluctant readers, help with our Kiss n Ride, help in the library, support the office at breaks, work within the classroom, help with hot lunch programs, help with fundraising and much, much more!

We embrace a large, active volunteer program at our school. Teachers have community volunteers in their classroom on a daily basis, as well as for field trips, or other activities. We have a number of programs in the school that could not function without our volunteer group; volunteers help children with many of our class programs. These are only a few of the places we need the help of a volunteer - there are many, many more. If you/someone in your family, or even a neighbour, are interested in finding out about assisting us at the school, please call Mme Blom (Principal), or, Mme Murphy (Vice Principal). A form is available at the office, if you wish to be contacted as a parent volunteer. If you are interested, please fill out the form and return it to the school. A short training session for volunteers is conducted in the fall and on a needs basis.

Note: All volunteers at the school, including drivers require a Criminal Record Check (CRC). The CRC can be obtained at the local police station. A letter from the school will be provided to you which will enable you to obtain the CRC at no charge.

Your job

  1.  Be responsible to the principal, and work under the direction of the staff member supervising
  2. Be a team member in supporting school programs and supplementing school efforts
  3. Hold school issues to be confidential (staff issues/student work/student behaviour issues etc.)
  4. Follow Board and school procedures (when in doubt, ask!)
  5. Keep communication with staff open - observe and report
  6. Be conscientious in your duties
  7. Call ahead, when possible, if you cannot be in on a pre-arranged day

Our job

  1. Make sure you know the timelines within which you are working, the classroom/school rules/routines, and, the needs of the particular students, or special needs students, with whom you may involved
  2. Deal with discipline issues. If a child/children become fractious, please contact the staff member with whom you are working, or, the school administration right away
  3. Monitor the tasks you are given, and, to provide you with constructive feedback
  4. Provide you with a clear plan of your duties