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Behavior Expectations at Forest Hill - Commit to Good Character

6 Rules and Progressive Discipline at Forest Hill

Electronic Devices
Cyber Bullying
Internet Safety

About Behaviour


  • We want our students to be fully informed of their responsibilities at Forest Hill Public School
  • Students will be treated in a fair manner.
  • We have consistent approach to school discipline; thus rules will be applied as the situation, and cumulative behaviour, warrants.
  • We are firm, fair and consistent with decisions and communicate this to all parties concerned.
  • Enforcing school rules may, in some circumstances, require searches of students, their -personal effects and the seizure of prohibited items

Students are expected to exhibit a commitment to learning and to achieving success. They are expected to take personal responsibility for their behaviour. This responsibility applies not only to their academic duties, but also to their use and care of school facilities, equipment, textbooks, supplies, and school attendance. Each responsible student contributes to the well-being and success of everyone.


Expected Behaviour:
You are expected to be honest in your relations with students and staff. Lying, stealing and cheating are forms of dishonesty and as such are unacceptable behaviours.
Reason for Expected Behaviour:
You will benefit from your relations with others by being open and honest in what you say and do. Dishonesty in your words, actions or written work has a negative effect on your reputation and that of your school and parents.
Consequences of Misbehaviour:
You must realize that actions, with proof of dishonesty, do carry serious consequences. In the case of stealing, restitution will be made at your expense. Cheating on a test/project or school work will require that the work be re-done, and re-evaluated, by your teacher. In the case of lying, your parents/guardians and your teacher will discuss the situation and determine the consequences.


Expected Behaviour
To ensure success in your school year, you are expected to complete all class and homework assignments on time, and, to the best of your ability.
Reason for Expected Behaviour:
Effort and determination are the keys to success. If you don't put forth your best effort and take pride in your work, then that work won't be acceptable.
Consequences of Misbehaviour:
If your effort with homework is unacceptable you will complete it, or redo it, during your free time at school or, possibly, after class time.


Expected Behaviour
Your language should be such that it shows respect for staff and students. Name calling, swearing, rude and obscene language: spoken, written, implied or gestured - are all unacceptable.
Reason for Expected Behaviour:
Being able to use appropriate and tasteful language is a valuable life skill. When language is offensive to others, hurt feelings may lead to further conflict.
Consequences of Misbehaviour:
If you use inappropriate language, you could be given an immediate time-out, or, be required to write an account of the incident. Serious, or repeated infractions, will lead to further detentions, contact with your parents/guardians and a possible suspension.


Expected Behaviour:
You shall report to class promptly each day, ready, willing and able to work. If for any reason you should arrive late for class, you shall report to the office before going to your classroom. Absenteeism requires a written note from your parent or guardian. Telephone calls may be made home to verify absences.
Reason for Expected Behaviour:
Punctuality is a form of courtesy towards your teacher and your classmates. Punctuality is a learned skill in making good use of your time at home and at school. If you are late, you disrupt your class when you enter. Students who miss a great deal of time are certain to encounter difficulty in keeping up with their school work. In order for you to achieve your maximum potential, regular attendance is essential.
Consequences of Misbehaviour:
On some occasions, we understand that, occasionally, lateness/absences are unavoidable. However, if lateness and absenteeism appear to be avoidable, they will be investigated as discipline issues. Your parents/guardians will be consulted and you will be required to make up work, or time, that you missed. In addition, our attendance counsellor may be involved.


Expected Behaviour:
You are expected to treat all people with consideration and respect. Threatening fighting, pushing, shoving, tripping, kicking etc., and all forms of rough play, are not acceptable student behaviours.
**Treat others as you would expect to be treated.
Reason for Expected Behaviour:
Every person needs a good self-image and has the right to be treated with respect. Getting along with people is a very important skill when making your way in today's world. In addition, rough behaviour may hurt someone's feelings, or, physically injure them.
Consequences of Misbehaviour:
Disrespect/inappropriate behaviour may result in an immediate time-out and a behaviour form. Serious infractions will lead to further time-out, contact with your parents/guardians, and possible suspension.


Expected Behaviour:
You may be in the following areas only if you have the permission of your teacher: gymnasium, library, washrooms, staff room and classrooms other than your own designated room. You may not go into the gym equipment room and take out any equipment unless you have permission from/supervision by, your own classroom teacher, or physical education teacher.
Reason for Expected Behaviour:
These guidelines are necessary for your own protection and for the proper security and safety of students and specialty equipment which assists in your instruction.
Consequences of Misbehaviour:
You will be reminded of the rule and may have restricted privileges for a time. If the offence is serious or repeated, further privileges will be removed and your parents/guardians will be contacted.


Expected Behaviour:
In school you are expected to walk quietly in the halls. At break times, you shall remain in your classroom for indoor/eating segment of your lunch period. Outdoor times are determined according to our balanced day schedule.
If you are a student who normally stays at school over the lunch period you must remain on school property unless the school administration receives and approves written permission from your parent for each time that you are requesting to leave the school grounds. For those who normally go home for lunch, you will go home at second break time (1:10 - 1:50 p.m.)
Reason for Expected Behaviour:
These guidelines are necessary to ensure that all students are being supervised during their school day. Working classrooms have the right not to be disturbed by unnecessary noise.
Consequences of Misbehaviour:
If you are behaving inappropriately in any general area of the school, you will be reminded of the expected behaviour. If the offence is serious, or repeated, appropriate action will be taken - you may lose one or more of your privileges, and your parents/guardians may be contacted.


Expected Behaviour:
You are expected to dress in a clean, neat, appropriate manner. We expect our students to dress neatly and cleanly, and, to maintain the type of appearance that is not distracting, or offensive, to staff, fellow students, or community members. Appropriate clothing is expected to: be without improper or suggestive language; cover the shoulders ("three finger width" rule), the midriff, and, to not be too sheer or too short (mid thigh for shorts or skirts). Straps and/or undergarments should not be visible at any time. Pants are to be worn at the crest of the hips and without undergarments showing. Clothing with offensive wording, slogans or pictures is considered inappropriate - as are any items of clothing that promote alcohol, drugs or tobacco products. Hats etc. are to be removed while you are in the building. Coats, and outside footwear, are to be arranged neatly in your designated storage areas. Inside footwear should be worn in the school.
Reason for Expected Behaviour:
Your appearance reflects your good judgment, and, your respect for yourself and others.
Consequences of Misbehaviour:
If you wear inappropriate clothing, you will be asked to cover up, or, put on something more appropriate. If this causes any difficulty and/or the issue persists, your parents will be contacted to help resolve the matter.


Expected Behaviour:
Tobacco, alcohol, drugs and/or drug paraphernalia, are not permitted on school property. As well, weapons, or any such objects that may be construed as weapons, are not permitted.
Reason for Expected Behaviour:
In your formative years we want to help you develop good self-esteem and a healthy lifestyle. The use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs is dangerous. For your own protection, the law forbids you to use these items. The safety of our students is foremost in our concern for appropriate student behaviour.
Consequences of Misbehaviour:
If you use or possess any of these items, your parents/guardians, and the proper authorities, will be immediately notified to investigate the incident. Serious consequences can ensue in these circumstances.


Expected Behaviour:
You are expected to respect all school property/property areas: the parking lot, classrooms, halls, washrooms, playground, gym, library, school equipment, textbooks and supplies.
Reason for Expected Behaviour:
In taking care of school property you display pride in your school; you also help to maintain attractive surroundings and facilities which are necessary to successful learning - for you and your fellow students.
Consequences of Misbehaviour:
If you damage school property, you are expected to pay for repair and/or replacement costs. If a textbook is destroyed, lost, or stolen you or your parents/guardians will be expected to pay the replacement cost. Intentional damage is a crime and will be dealt with through your parents/guardians, and the proper authorities.
**Desks are considered school property, and need to be treated with the same care and respect.


Expected Behaviour:
On school buses, at extra-curricular activities, or on field trips, all relevant school rules apply.
Reason for Expected Behaviour:
Remember that during these activities you represent your school, yourself and your family. Don't let your misbehaviour ruin opportunities for you, or, for others. Always let others know that you are proud to be a student at Forest Hill Public School.
Consequences of Misbehaviour:
Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken by the supervising staff member. A serious offence will result in your removal from the field trip, event or team. Further action may be taken upon your return to school.

 6 Rules and Progressive Discipline at Forest Hill







Some of the interventions, and consequences that may be initiated by staff, are outlined below. This list is not exclusive; nor does it imply that each consequence must be exercised before moving to subsequent consequences. A specific behaviour may lead the school authorities to offering any alternative, or, to invoke any consequence/combination of consequences deemed necessary and appropriate.

1. Interview with student
2. Formal interview with student
3. Parental involvement; phone call, correspondence, interview
4. Removal of the student from the classroom to an alternate setting within the school, with supervision
5. Removal of privileges to attend school related functions or extra-curricular/co-curricular programs
6. Performance according to a behavioural, attendance, or academic contract
7. Requiring the student to make restitution where appropriate
8. In-school exclusion from regular activities
9. Voluntary withdrawal from activities
11. Expulsion

 Electronic Devices (see also technology)

Students are welcome to bring their personal listening devices (electronic games, iPods, MP3 players etc.) at home. The school will not be responsible for any loss or damage to these possessions. Personal communication devices, such as cell phones etc., are allowed at school providing students adhere to the acceptable use policy which promotes responsible use. Personal cell phones are not to be used to call parents to leave the school. Our school telephone is available for student use on a 'need to use'/emergency basis.  If your child has personal electronic devices with them, then they are requested to keep them put away safely until after school hours. Students using unauthorized electronics during regular school hours will have the devices confiscated and the parents/guardians will be contacted.  The device will be available for return only to the parents/guardians.

Electronic games are not to come to school. Students are discouraged from bringing expensive games to school.  Loss of such items is most upsetting for students and recovery, if possible, takes valuable time from regular learning activities. Devices such as laser pen lights etc. are not to be brought to school in any situation.

Sabrina's Law

On May 16, 2005 the Ontario Legislature unaminously passed Bill 3 —a private member's Bill (proposed by Dave Levac, MPP for Brant) which requires school boards to have policies that include:

  • training for school staff on dealing with life-threatening allergies on a regular basis
  • creating individual plans for students who have anaphylaxis allergy
  • having emergency procedures in place for anaphylactic pupils

Board Memorandum
This law took effect on January 1, 2006.


Bullying is a serious problem for the young people who are bullied, for those who bully, for those who are bystanders and for everyone in the communities in which they live. Bullying behaviour negatively affects all children and is a significant obstacle to their healthy social, emotional, physical and educational growth and development.

Bullying among young people is understood as repeated negative actions committed by one or more youth against another.

The actions may be of a physical, verbal, emotional or sexual nature or may span a multitude of behaviours. These include teasing, name calling, taunting, threatening, exclusion, ostracism, extortion, harassment, manipulating friendships and physical violence. Implicit is the imbalance in real or perceived power between bully and victim. In addition, while boys typically engage in direct bullying methods, girls who bully are more apt to utilize these more subtle indirect strategies, such as spreading rumors and enforcing social isolation.

Whether bullying is direct or indirect, the key component of bullying is that the physical or psychological intimidation occurs repeatedly over time to create an ongoing pattern of harassment and abuse.

Ministry Document