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 e 1-8 Ontario Curriculum 

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MathKindergarten DPA: Daily Physical Activity  After Grade 8
LanguageSpecial Education  Homework  


Math Curriculum Grades 1-8

The Try It Outs are based on our Nelson Core Program 1-6. Try It Outs are great ways of supporting math at home. The textbooks and Notebook answers show you the math concepts.

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Grade 1 Try It Out | Textbook

Grade 2 Try It Out | Textbook

Grade 3 Try It Out | Textbook | Notebook

Grade 4 Try It Out |Textbook | Notebook

Grade 5 Try It Out | Textbook | Notebook

Grade 6 Try It Out | Textbook | Notebook

Grade 7 Try It Out | Pearson Resource

Grade 8 Try It Out | Pearson Resource

Free Homework Help Grades 7-10

Nelson Grades 1-8 Math Companion


A New Resource: Scholastic Books and Lessons: Click on continue to BookFlix Login and then enter below information.

License Sign On: simcodsb
License Password: simc7729

A Great At Home Resource!

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Username: scdsb
Password: books

Tumblebook Cloud (K-3)
Username: scdsb
Password: login

Worldbook Encyclopedia
Password: school

Tumblebooks Readables (4-12)
Username: scdsb
Password: login

Learn 360 - Learning Videos
User Name: full board email address (e.g.
: Student date of birth (e.g. YYYY/MM/DD)

Language Curriculum Grades 1-8

Writing Exemplars (Level 1,2,3,4 Work)

EQAO Test Books and Scoring Guides

Starter questions when listening to your child read.

Reading log, a book a night.

Early reading strategies.

A parent module for understanding K-6 literacy.

Books by Grade Level

More Recommended books by Grade Level


 The Kindergarten Program

Words to Know (Popcorn Words)

Kindergarten Words Pre-Primer

Kindergarten Words Primer

First Grade Words


 Special Education

Special Education Plans


 DPA: Daily Physical Activity

 After Grade 8

What is needed to graduate from High School?

Required Community Involvement

For more information about high school and what to expect, visit our High School page.

 About Homework

The SCDSB developed and adopted a Homework Policy in October 2009 because of the growing amount of research on the effectiveness of homework in the learning process, and input from school communities regarding the need for increased clarity and consistency in homework policies across all schools.

Read the SCDSB's Policy on Homework, which was recently updated to reflect the current best practices related to teaching and learning. The policy describes types of homework.

  • Completion: any work assigned during the school day not completed in class;
  • Practice: any work that reinforces skills and concepts taught in class;
  • Preparation: any work that prepares students or upcoming lessons or classes;
  • Extension: any work that explores and refines learning in new contexts or integrates and expands on classroom learning.