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Technology.JPGStudents are welcome to bring their laptops, iPads, electronic devices to school providing they comply and commit to the acceptable use policies. The onus is on the student to use the technology appropriately. Parents and students will sign the acceptable use policy prior to using their personal technology at school.

When you use any computing technology (for example, computers, Internet, mobile devices, digital cameras, etc.) in school or for activities relating to school activities and education, you must first sign and agree to the SCDSB Computing Technology Appropriate Use Agreement. APM 1300 outlines the appropriate use of computer technology by students, including the key points below.

  • Use computers and technology responsibly and safely all the time.
  • Respect yourself and respect others.
  • Abide by the law and the school Code of Conduct.
  • Protect yourself and protect others.
  • Do not share your password, unless authorized to do so by staff.
  • Only access your own account.
  • Do not abuse others and do not damage the technology.
  • Do not share private information.

Board Student Use Policy
Student Acceptable Use Policy / Agreement for Guest Access at School